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Why Upgrade Your Website? There are many reasons to upgrade your website and they range from maintaining your client’s data security to keeping up with web design technology.

There are many actions you can take to prolong the usefulness of your website and protect it for your clients as well. But the main reasons to upgrade fall into these two categories; Security and Technology.

A website displays its content based on the code develop in the background that allows you to see what you see. But some web pages offer features that require embedded links to, local or remote files, that control specialized functions such as; Fonts, animated text, popups, tabbed pages, site navigation, file uploading and many more.

Security - Many websites offer functions designed to attract users, allow file uploading, displaying data or purchasing items using credit cards. These features do their thing because a link is embedded in the background that syncs with their location to provide the responses requested and then displayed to the viewer when they land on that page.

Or, they are supplied by the developer and added to the background by direct code links to a JavaScript folder containing the JavaScript or jQuery's functions.

Hackers search the web looking for these scripts to find holes or vulnerabilities that they can manipulate to do harm to your site and your clients security. Upgrades to these scripts prevent hacking and extend the life of your website and protect client data.

Web Design Technology - As with anything your buy that becomes popular, the manufacturer is compelled to upgrade older models or build new ones with more bells and whistles to keep up with competition. Web design technology is no different.

Technologies like Bootstrap becomes available that can be upgraded easily and either prolong the life of older sites or they obsolete the current design in favor of a more robust feature driven design.

Couple these with Google's mandate that all websites pass their mobile friendliness test and be SSL secure in order to get a page ranking are mandatory.

These design and security features are what keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

Bootstrap Framework

Developed by Twitter, Bootstrap foundation offers a vastly improved responsive-ready front-end design platform. Bootstrap easily and efficiently scales your website and applications with a single code base.

Although it is multi-device friendly, its true benefit is its ability to display your page content the way you and your designer intended on all mobile devices.

Well-Commented Code

HTML4 relied heavily on the use of <DIV> and <SPAN> tags to layout content. This created a waste of design-time by having to hunt down the code requiring modification.

Now, in HTML5 these tags have been enhanced with <NAV>, <FORM>, <ARTICLE> and <FOOTER> sections making it easy for any designer to find the appropriate section to make the required changes.

Cross-Browser Support

With vast improvements in HTML5, the top five browsers are adapting their versions to coincide, making HTML5 a new standard in 21st century web design.

The combination of Bootstrap Foundation and HTML5 coding enhancements, makes application development much easier with the support from browsers and mobile operating systems such as Android, IOS and others.

Multimedia Enhancements

HTML5 eliminates old, bulky syntax with new low-overhead tags such as <VIDEO> and <AUDIO> for embedding by using a minimum amount of code with cross-browser support.

You can also style images, charts and text with animations and other rich content, without any 3rd party scripts, because the features are built into HTML5 compatible browsers.

Interactive Content

HTML5 provides new code enhancements for delivering interactive content that allows the user to find additional data as they hover or click on page elements

The use of animated text and hover effects is easier than ever and helps in grabbing the attention of the page viewer in Calls To Action requests.

100% Device Responsive

With HTML5 and Bootstrap your new website is guaranteed to be 100% device friendly. The days of using your fingers to size page content to make it readable are over.

Now with these new state-of-the-art coding features, HTML5 compliant browsers can take full advantage all the new HTML5 features and CSS3 styling ro render a very dynamic and mobile friendly design.

Nine Reasons To
Upgrade Your Website

Protecting Your Clients Data - Protect Your Website from Hacking - Maintain Competitive Edge

Depending on how old your existing site will determine whether its has be rebuilt or can be upgraded. If your site is older than 2009 it is very likely that many of the 9 reasons to consider upgrading site wont apply because the existing code cant support the newer technology.


User Experience

Bootstrap 4 offers enhanced control of User Experience, UX, by taking advantage of device screen widths including 4K support, design widths increased up to 2.5", improving retention.


Code Standards

HTML5 and CSS3 offers cutting edge control of screen design for all device sizes. Together with Bootstrap 4 these coding improvements guarantee mobile friendliness.


Grid Layout

DIV' are in Tables are out. DIV layout uses less code and less code makes for faster page load time; better control over DIV cell layout and decoration for a better user experience.



Google now requires that all sites must be SSL secure and pass their mobile friendliness guidelines in order to achieve a page rank. SSL also is required for PCI compliance for all online credit card transactions.


scripts & jQuery's

In order to protect website from hacking, all websites need to make sure that JavaScript's and jQuery's are up to date to fix holes in the app that allow hackers in.


SEO Standards

To earn a better page rank Google and other search engines now look for unique key word placed in title tags, ALT text for images and H1-6 Heading tags and other code improvements can propel sites to a much better SERP, Search Engine Rank Position.


Visitor Tracking

Google, Bing and others allow tracking visitors to your site providing the insight you need to adjust key words in hopes of improving the hits to a certain page on your website. Analytics helps your design target a wider range of customers based on the results of the tracking code.


Mobile Friendly

In April of 2018 Google mandated that only sites that pass their mobile friendliness test in order to get ranked.


Data Protection

Google in August of 2018 mandated that all sites must now be SSL secure to improve site data protection and to for sites that must be PCI compliant for credit card purchases.

HTML5 Code and What it Displays

example source code
example web page

Rebuild & Upgrade ?

Pre 2010 You Will Need to Rebuild to Get Compliant and Competitive, Post 2014 You Can Upgrade

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